Q:What’s the special character of this book?

A: Specialized I, it is transparent EVA.

Specialized II: the outside package.

Specialized III: the design is really very attractive.


Q: Nice to meet you here, could you tell some info about your company?

A: we are also very happy meet you here! We are the only company focus on the Children Book Manufacture company with 12 year industry experience. Present company have 90+ skilled workers, take in all over the world’s Children Book Manufacturer business.


Q: Where are you location?

A: we locate in Shanghai, China. It is the biggest port of China very convenient shipping cargo to each port of the world.


Q: What’s the size of the such book?

A:the size is 12x12cm, square book.


Q: How many pages of such bath book?

A: It is 8 pages include the cover.

However we could produce the book with 8 pages, 10 pages, 12 pages or more.


Q: What’s the materials?

It is transparent EVA materials, 100% recycle materials, FREE PHTHALATE.

Here is our materials testing certification.

We guarantee our materials comply with the CE certification, the EN71 1-3 and FREE Phthalate, if fail we could re-produce the baby book for you.


Q: it is waterproof plastic, right?

A: Yes, it is waterproof, but you couldn’t call them plastic materials, it is correct name is EVA baby bath book, or call them waterproof floating book.


Q: What’s the MOQ to manufacture such book?

A: The initial book request 3000 copies per title. Usually you may have different title, such as the 4 title complete one set of the books. There should be 3000 copies * 4 title, total printing 12,000 copies book.


Q: How long could be finishing such the mass production?

A: Mass production usually take 30~45 days finishing.


Q: How much the cost for above books of mass production, such as your MOQ 4 title * 3000 copies = 12,000 copes?

A: This book have one extra accessories, the plastic ring, the cost is US$0.9 ~1.25 depend you have other request, such as the header and package.


Q: I don’t know exact effect of my book finally come out, could I produce the sample book first?

A: of course, could be.

Sample we usually printing 5 sets, send you 3 sets, we have 2 sets.

One set in case you for the testing, another set set up as reference for the mass production.


Q: How long will take for the sample?.

A: Sample usually take 2 weeks finishing, we usually work out the layout sending you to double checking he printing content, then start the printing and assemble.


Q: How much the cost for the sample?

A: About all the baby bath book, the sample cost is approaching same. It is US$ 250/ title.

If you have 4 titles, the will consider combine the printing plate, such condition, the sample cost is US$ 125/title.


Q: Which port you will shipping out the mass copies?

A: we shipping from Shanghai to your appointed port. Usually take 7~25~35 days arriving at destination port, depend on your country.


Q: What’s your shipping term?

A: Present we have 2 shipping terms, one is FOB shanghai, China and CIF destination Port.


Q: What’s your payment term?

A: Present our payment term is 30% T/T + balance paid before shipping.

Or 30% deposit + balance paid by L/C at sight.


Q: How to contact you?

A: you can contact us here leave message to us, or you can wrote email to us carol@cycpack.com, or skype: cycpackinfo, or tell us: +86-21-50215723, or add me on whatsapp: 86-13585530707, thank you!

Transparent Bath Book

MOQ 3,000cps, here is the MOQ’s order amount