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book printing services Disney Chunky foam books print

This is series book, we printing those books for the publishing house.

But it is no mean we have the rights to sales those book.




Size: 16.7 x 16.7cm

Pages: 22 pages

Thickness: 28.6mm

Materials: 300gsm card paper with glossy lamination, mounted on 3.0 mm EVA

Q: The special for the light book, right?

A: Yes it is special for the light weight. Because the materials is EVA / sponge.

Pressing EVA materials. And could be very pages, which work image the book is very thick and strong.

The style is loved by the children, parents, and publishing house.


Q: What’s the MOQ to manufacture such book?

A: The initial book request 3000 copies per title. Usually you may have different title, such as the 4 title complete one set of the books. There should be 3000 copies * 4 title, total printing 12,000 copies book.


Q: How long could be finishing such the mass production?

A: Mass production usually take 20~30 days finishing.


Q: How much the cost for above books of mass production, such as your MOQ 4 title * 3000 copies = 12,000 copes?

A: This book have one extra accessories, the plastic ring, the cost is US$0.6 ~1.10 depend you have other request, such as the header and package.


Q: I don’t know exact effect of my book finally come out, could I produce the sample book first?

A: of course, could be.

Sample we usually printing 5 sets, send you 3 sets, we have 2 sets.

One set in case you for the testing, another set set up as reference for the mass production.


Q: How long will take for the sample?.

A: Sample usually take 2 weeks finishing, we usually work out the layout sending you to double checking he printing content, then start the printing and assemble.


Q: How much the cost for the sample?

A: About all the baby bath book, the sample cost is approaching same. It is US$ 100/ title.

If you have 4 titles, the will consider combine the printing plate, such condition, the sample cost is US$ 50/title.


Q: Okay, how I send my artwork to you?

A:The artwork, you have to exchange to PDF file or AI file.

Because our pre-printing worker more familiar with such works, we could quickly handle your job. Pls email to Carol Yueng,, or skype: cycpackinfo, or give us a calling : +86-21-50215723, or add me on whatsapp: +86-13585530707, thank you!

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