chameleon color change book

Q: This book specialized in its chameleon change color, right?

A: Right, it is color change book.

When put the book inside the water, the book could change color. No matter the water is hot water or cold water, it is one kind of ink.

It is very attractive for the baby, they are very happy when they find such secret. All the ink is recycle materials, we have all the testing certification.

Also you can doing the testing, we guarantee pass the testing, if fail we never shipping the cargo to you.


Q: What’s the size of the such book?

A:the size is 15x15cm, square book.


Q: How many pages of such bath book?

A: It is 8 pages include the cover.

However we could produce the book with 8 pages, 10 pages, 12 pages or more.


Q: What’s the materials?

It is EVA materials, 100% recycle materials, FREE PHTHALATE.

Inside is the sponge, the sponge thickness is 5mm.

Here is our materials testing certification.

We guarantee our materials comply with the CE certification, the EN71 1-3 and FREE Phthalate, if fail we could re-produce the baby book for you.


Q: it is waterproof plastic, right?

A: Yes, it is waterproof, but you couldn’t call them plastic materials, it is correct name is EVA baby bath book, or call them waterproof floating book.


Q: What’s the MOQ to manufacture such book?

A: The initial book request 3000 copies per title. Usually you may have different title, such as the 4 title complete one set of the books. There should be 3000 copies * 4 title, total printing 12,000 copies book.


Q: How long could be finishing such the mass production?

A: Mass production usually take 30~45 days finishing.


Q: How much the cost for above books of mass production, such as your MOQ 4 title * 3000 copies = 12,000 copes?

A: This book have one extra accessories, the plastic ring, the cost is US$0.9 ~1.25 depend you have other request, such as the header and package.


Q: I don’t know exact effect of my book finally come out, could I produce the sample book first?

A: of course, could be.

Sample we usually printing 5 sets, send you 3 sets, we have 2 sets.

One set in case you for the testing, another set set up as reference for the mass production.


Q: How long will take for the sample?.

A: Sample usually take 2 weeks finishing, we usually work out the layout sending you to double checking he printing content, then start the printing and assemble.


Q: How much the cost for the sample?

A: About all the baby bath book, the sample cost is approaching same. It is US$ 250/ title.

If you have 4 titles, the will consider combine the printing plate, such condition, the sample cost is US$ 125/title.


Q: Which port you will shipping out the mass copies?

A: we shipping from Shanghai to your appointed port. Usually take 7~25~35 days arriving at destination port, depend on your country.


Q: What’s your shipping term?

A: Present we have 2 shipping terms, one is FOB shanghai, China and CIF destination Port.


Q: What’s your payment term?

A: Present our payment term is 30% T/T + balance paid before shipping.

Or 30% deposit + balance paid by L/C at sight.


Q: How to contact you?

A: you can contact us here leave message to us, or you can wrote email to us carol@cycpack.com, or skype: cycpackinfo, or tell us: +86-21-50215723, or add me on whatsapp: =86-13585530707, thank you!