bath book 3 pack (2)

bath book 3 pack (3)

bath book 3 pack (4)bath book 3 pack (5)

Bath book 3 pack one set bath book.

We are the bath book professional printing company, working on the bath book produce many year, each year we have hundreds new titles bath book produced for the worldwide publishers.

We are warm welcome your artwork / design / illustration coming, we make your illustration come to true to be a real book.

3 book one set bath book

2 book is 5.4×5.4 inch and one book 5.5×7.0 inch

3 book packing onto the peva bag (soft transparent bag), close the botton

Inside the bag have a printed back card.

Whole 3 book + transparent bag + botton become one set.

MOQ is 2,000 sets.

Price from USD 1.65 ~ 1.10 depend on your quantity printing one time.

Welcome your illustration coming.bath book 3 pack (6)bath book 3 pack (7)