Magic Bath Book when drop into warm water will change to the original 4 colors

Book size: 145 x 145mm

Size; 8 pages include cover

Materials: peva outside, inner is 5mm sponge

Printing: 4C beneath, overall print the grey color

The grey color will become transparent when put into warm water.

The warm water temperature you have 2 choice:

. the 32~36 Celsius degree, the grey color change to transparent.

. the 36~42 celsius degree, the grey color change to transparent.

The overall print grey color could change to various colors, most adopt is black, grey, deep grey, also could be blue, deep blue, ocean blue, yellow, red, purple etc.

We suggest you select one kind overall color, such as black, grey, ocean blue, because the overall ink is expensive, when select more colors means the unit price increasing.

Another kind magic bath book is water sensitive bath book, when the book put into water the overall print will become transparent, no matter the water is cool, cold or warm, hot.

As long as they meet water, they will become transparent, the beneath 4C will show on.

The magic bath book MOQ is 3,000 cps.

The warm water magic bath book, Price USD 1.35~1.10. Of course you have more orders the price could drop more.