Magic bath books are very interesting projects! About the magic bath books here we explain some words,

magic bath book divide into 2 kind.

– water sensitive magic bath book

– warm water sensitive magic bath book.

Both 2 kind book printing by the screen-printing. Different by their inks

– water sensitive ink is Water-based ink.
– warm water sensitive ink is oily ink.

The price of warm water sensitive magic bath book is higher, approx 20~30% higher than water magic book.

E.g water magic bath book sales at USD 1.00/pc, the warm water sensitive magic bath book will be at USD 1.20~1.30/pc.

In addition the warm sensitive major color is black, such as deep brown, deep blue is also okay, but black is the best effect.

The water sensitive is only white colors.


Spec: 150x150mm, 8 pages, 0.2mm peave, inside 5mm sponge, printing 4C/0C, packing opp bag with header card

MOQ: 3,000 copies/title

Unit price: USD 0.90~1.20/pc.

(order 4 titles x 5,000~10,000 copies could get USD 0.90/pc)

(order 3,000 pcs x 1 titles, the unit price approx work at USD 1.20/pc)

Welcome your order!

Magic Bath Book

150x150mm, 8 apges magic bath book, printing 4C + 1C white overall water sensitive ink