Magic Bath book

This is the warm water change colors magic bath book

Size of the bath book: 140x140mm

Pages: cover + 3 spreads, we all 8 pages include cover

Printing: 4C + 1C magic coverage ink

Materials: peva + 5mm sponge inside

The 1C magi coverage ink, at present the color could be deep blue, deep brown, deep yellow, dark, etc.

Why use the deep colors?

because for the good coverage.

The custom production MOQ is 2,000 copies per title.

Another kind the water magic bath book, the cool water, cold water, warm water, etc, when drop into water the white coverage will disappear.

The warm water magic bath book is expensive than the water magic bath book.

Do you have the plan to develop the bath book?

Pls send us an email, we could send you the die-cutting line help you quick design the bath books.