Magic Bath Book

Each foam-padded page is constructed of sturdy, floatable vinyl, and shows a picture of a friendly land or sea creature. When kids dunk these books into the bath water they get a big surprise: the animals change their colors! When the pages dry out, the animals return to their original white. Each book comes packaged in a transparent plastic bag with a hanger card. Adventures abound as crocodile snaps, beaver chomps, seal barks, and more.

Size: Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.5 x 1 x 8 inches

Ages: 1- 4 years old bab

Pages: cover + 3 spreads / 8 pages

MOQ: 3,000 copies/title

Unit price: USD 0.90~1.20/pc.

(order 4 titles x 5,000~10,000 copies could get USD 0.90/pc)

(order 3,000 pcs x 1 titles, the unit price approx work at USD 1.20/pc)

Welcome your order!

Magic bath books are very interesting projects! About the magic bath books here we explain some words,

magic bath book divide into 2 kind.

– water sensitive magic bath book

– warm water sensitive magic bath book.

Both 2 kind book printing by the screen-printing. Different by their inks

– water sensitive ink is Water-based ink.
– warm water sensitive ink is oily ink.

The price of warm water sensitive magic bath book is higher, approx 20~30% higher than water magic book.

E.g water magic bath book sales at USD 1.00/pc, the warm water sensitive magic bath book will be at USD 1.20~1.30/pc.

In addition the warm sensitive major color is black, such as deep brown, deep blue is also okay, but black is the best effect.

The water sensitive is only white colors.